January 15, 2022

We have two meetings coming up;

Baptist Historian Pastor Jeff Faggart (https://www.harvestbaptistnc.org/) will be speaking Jan 27th, 28, and 30th. Services on Thur and Fri will start at 7pm.

Mogollon Baptist Fellowship Meetings will be held Feb 24th-27th. Preaching will start at 6pm each night. There will be a special session on Fri morning starting at 10am with ELC director and research director) Preaching on Sat morning at 10 am. Preaching all day on Sunday.

Brunch and dinner will be provided each day.

Here are the names of some of the preachers that will be bringing the word of God to us the days of our meetings; Pastors Bobby Johnston, Joel Tillis, Keith Hoover, Jason Burton, Mike Hoover, Stephen Beatty, Dan Zike etc.

Call for info 928-474-3530