What a fantastic meeting!

March 13, 2019


The Lord blessed us with one of the most relaxed and blessed meetings we've ever had. The theme this year was out of 1 Peter 1:8, "Whom having not seen, ye love." Our meetings started off right with Bro Scott Pahlman preaching a message entitled "Consider Him" on Wed night, and then we got blasted by an snowfall of epic proportions that evening and into the next two days. We missed the record by less then an half inch, with the official report at 31 and 1/8th inches. This didn't slow us down in the slightest. We miraculously got the parking lots plowed and had services that Sunday. The lineup of preachers would be as such;Pastor Dan Zike, Evangelist Ted Alexander, Pastor Bobby Johnston, Evangelist Greg Waggoner, and Pastor Jason Burton. 

The Lord blessed us with one saved, decisions made for the ministry, great attendance each night, informative sessions on the Church with Christ as it's head only and not the Lawyers or the IRS, sessions on Baptist history, and marvelous music! What a week and praise the Lord for all of it! Thanks to the church folks for your sacrifice and generosity. Also thanks to Pastor Dan Zike for spending the time doing activities with the young folks all week!

To Pastor's Roy, Bessinas, Ware, and Dutton, thanks for being a part of the week as well. You are true friends and a great encouragement to this preacher.

If I can figure out how to post some pictures I'll do it. 

Pastor Anthony Garrisi

2019 Update

January 02, 2019


Well, as always, a lot has happened in the past year. The Lord provided a vehicle for our family and for the first time in over 20 years the pastor of Payson First Baptist Church is living in a house. Our Fellowship Meetings are right around the corner, (Feb 24th-27th) and we are looking forward to the Lord doing more with us for this new year.

The theme for this year is, "Whom having not seen, ye love......" I pray we will fall in love with the Lord Jesus more then this year, then last year.

Pastor and wife's trip to Grand Canyon for minister's creation tour.

October 24, 2015


The speaker was Russ Miller with Creation Ministries.


I couldn't resist this next picture.

Holding up Scripture signs.

October 24, 2015


More updates. Family fun night "game night."

October 24, 2015